I have a pretty bad broken nose, what do I need to have to to straighten?

It's been almost 4 years since my nose was broken, it was never treated and lately it's been bleeding from the left nostril. Then entire center of my nose is crooked, I believe it may be a deviated septum. What exactly will I need to straighten it and what would be the cost

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Correcting broken nose

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Hi CKA98,  If you broke your nose and it became crooked it may also have caused the septum to become crooked. Either way you will most likely require the nose to be rebroken and straightened. You may also require a septoplasty if the septum has become crooked.  The required treatment would be determined during your consultation. The nose bleeds may be related and this would also be assessed during the consultation.  

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Rhinoplasty and septoplasty for broken nose and deviated septum repair

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A deviated septum can be caused from the fracture and moaning to be straightened as well to improve airflow dynamics through the nose. This will involve straightening and removal of both bone and cartilage on the inside of the nose. Medial and lateral osteotomies will also be required to straighten and realign the nasal bones. Our price list and rhinoplasty photo gallery are located on the link below

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What is required to repair a broken nose once it has healed?

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At a minimum, osteotomies will be required to move and straighten the crooked nasal bones. It is possible that you might require a full rhinoplasty depending upon the extent of your injury. Insurance will in some cases cover repair of a nasal fracture. If not, the out of pocket cost ranges from $3000-10,000 depending upon how extensive the required procedure and your location.

Broken nose

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Obviously a complete history and examination possibly suplemented by a cath scan is needed before making recommendations how to go about and fix your nose. Prices vary all over the country and without knowing what you would truly benefit from it is difficult to say. Many times though insurance may cover the costs.

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I have a pretty bad broken nose, what do I need to have to to straighten?

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An internal and external exam will need to be performed to make recommendations. The cost is variable but may range from $4000 to $10000, depending upon the extent of procedures needed.

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