Would You Prescribe Accutane to Your Child or Loved One?

I'm scared to take accutane because of all the side effects I've read online. It is also, though, my only choice left. I'm a healthy person and I would hate to damage my liver, joints, bones, eyes, or anything permanently. As a doctor, would you prescribe it to your child or loved one??

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Putting my child on Accutane

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Last Fall, I asked this very question to three of my colleagues, all of whom have been in dermatology practice for at least 20 years. They all said without hesitation that they would, even the one dermatologist who does not prescribe Accutane. That made four of us. 

While the potential side effects of Accutane need to be respected, if you follow your physician's instructions carefully, it is very unlikely that you will run into a problem. 

Do realize that many of these reports are planted by lawyers, trolling the malpractice waters. The thousands of patients who have avoided scarring, both physical and emotional, are less apt to pen their thoughts on the internet than those who ran into a problem. 

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Putting a child or loved one on Accutane

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I have personally taken Accutane over the past 28 years I've been prescribing it. All of my daughters took it, my wife took it, numerous nieces and nephews took it, several of my staff members too it. So YES, I love people very much and I put them, and myself, on iAccutane And I'd never do anything to harm any of us.

Yes I would!

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As a matter of fact, I have!  I always prescribe low dose Isotretinoin and taper the dose as soon as I start seeing results, though I would let the maintenance course run for a reasonably longer period of time.

Good Luck!

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