Can I Take Isoface-Isotretinoin Forever?

I'm a female 39 yrs old, I've been taking Isoface for about 2 years now. At age 23 a dermatologist prescribed Roaccutane. I had to stop taking it though because I wanted a baby. I have a healthy 13 year old boy NO birth defects of any kind! I wanted clear skin so I went to a Dr. in Colombia he prescribed Isoface 20mg 3 times/week - my face is COMPLETELY CLEAR! He also said that I can take it for as long as I want as long as I don't plan to have a baby; he's been taking it for 14 years now!

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Can I take Isotretinoin forever?

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People who take Isotretinoin specifically for acne don't need to take it forever, as eventually the acne is treated and clear and there's no longer a need for the medication. There are other conditions that Isotretinoin treats too, that require the medication to be taken at very low dosage, possible forever. In every case of a female who is capable of becoming pregnant, if you decide (along with your physician) that you need to take Isotretinoin forever, then you will also need to be on 2 forms of birth control until you are not longer of child bearing potential.

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