Is It Possible to Masturbate While on Accutane?

I am a 21 year-old male with moderate (and occasional cystic) acne. Under the consult of a doctor, he gave me a prescription of Accutane. However, he told me not to engage in sexual intercourse during the course of the treatment unless with at least 2 types of protection. Therefore, is it safe for my health to masturbate while on Accutane to avoid all this hassle? Thank you, Mohie

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Sex and Accutane

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I don't know why he told you this. It is safe for males to have sex while on Accutane. It is NOT safe for females to have sex and get pregnant while on Accutane because of the birth defects it can cause, and that's why females have to be on two forms of birth control. Males are fine to have sex, masterbate, etc. while on Accutane.

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