Very swollen ears after otoplasty, how long do they take to look somewhat normal?

I went to the doctor today to have my bandage changed, 5 days after surgery, and my ears were very swollen. Doctor said everything looked normal, no signs of infection, just some bleeding which may have blocked my ear canal. He said it takes about a week for the swelling to reduce significantly after I finally remove the bandage, as according to him, part of the reason my ears remain swollen is due to being compressed by the bandage. Is this consistent with usual recovery process?

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Very swollen ears after otoplasty, how long do they take to look somewhat normal?

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As you mention that you have to wear a bandage, it can be taken that you were not operated on with the minimally invasive stitch method, but rather with a traditional method. With the traditional methods, it is part of the normal post-operative process to still have rather pronounced swelling 5 days after the operation. The compression by a bandage is not the cause of the swelling. The swelling is due to the method and the result of the invasive approach of the traditional methods. If no infection has developed, the swelling will probably disappear within the next 2 to 3 weeks, but in exceptional cases it can last a little longer.

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Ears swollen after an otoplasty

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You need more time for the swelling to decrease.  This may take another 4  - 6 weeks or even longer.  Give it some time before you judge the final result.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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