I have a lot of pain after otoplasty. Is this normal?

I had an otoplasty procedure done last Wednesday, and I am still in a lot of pain. I am in the most pain while wearing my sports headband around my ears. My surgeon wants me to wear the headband 24/7 for two weeks. It hurts a lot, and when I finally remove it to clean my ears (twice a day) or shower, my ears pulse with pain, almost like I can feel my heartbeat in my ears. It is just a constant throbbing pulse. The pain goes away about an hour after removing the headband.

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Ear pain after otoplasty

If the pain goes away after you take off your band, maybe it is too tight and a somewhat looser band that still supports your ears would suffice.  Ask your surgeon for input.

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I have a lot of pain after otoplasty. Is this normal?

Pain is part of the normal post-operative process of an otoplasty. Just to be on the safe side, you should, however, have your ears examined by your surgeon to rule out the possibility of an infection.

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Three possibilities. 1- Normal post operative pain  2 - Headband too tight   3 - Hematoma (bleeding under the skin

You need to see your surgeon for a correct diagnosis and recommendation. And I would not wait if you are having that much discomfort this long after surgery.

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