What are Non Invasive Techniques to Remove Fat Transfer on Lips? (photo)

Ten years ago, I had a fat grafting job to enhance lips. Since then my mouth became my nightmare, it looks fake, uneven and swollen. I would rather prefer a non invasive technique . May you please suggest me some procedures?

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Fat transfer to the lips

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Removing fat transfered to the lips is very difficult because the fat is within the muscle fibers.

There is no non-surgical way to remove that fat.

even with surgery there is no way to quarantee even removal of the fat and even lip.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Can Fat Transfer to the lips be reversed?

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I am sorry to hear about your unhappy result. It does refute some of the claims noted in other surgeon's comments about fat transfer to the lips not working. In your case too much fat survived following lip augmentation, unless of course there was significant weight gain afterwards.

If there was significant weight gain after your procedure then weight loss, if appropriate, would be the only non-invasive solution I can think of . If not, unfortunately there is no non-invasive way to reduce your lip size. Only direct excision of the inside portion of your lip in my opinion would probably work.

Fat grafting to the lips

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Unfortunately, the fat that was placed there 10 years ago has already been handled by the body - it either incorporated into the tissues with creation of all the necessary anatomical and physiological connections or it was metabolized in some way by the body (by depositing calcium into it or removing it altogether). Some lip reduction techniques can eliminate parts of the mucosal surfaces from the inside of the lips. The injected fat, however, will probably remain, as trying to "get" it will likely result in more damage and contour deformity. Hope this helps. Good luck and fare well.

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Lip fat can not be removed by any method

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There are no non-invasive or even surgical options to remove fat from the lips. Lip reductions can be done by mucosal excision but the fat that lies within them is impossible to remove. Attempting to do so will likely result in lip deformities that are worse than what you have now.

Removal of implanted fat in lips

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It is possible to remove the fat to make you more symmetrical but it needs to be physically removed, not dissolved through an injection. Sorry! Visit with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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