Is a red line along the eyelashes normal? (photos)

My left eye has a red line along the lashes and a small blister looking spot. The right eye looks much better. I'm four days out and still with stitches. I think I'm healing ok, but concerned about the left eye.

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Everything looks pretty normal at this point though only your surgeon can say for sure after examining you.

Red line is normal

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Your left eyelid appears to be a bit more swollen than your right one, but certainly appears as expected.  The red line is just bruising that settles along the eyelash line.  I don't see what you mean about the blister spot but there is nothing I am seeing that appears abnormal.   However, as always, looking at a picture is no replacement for an examination, so if there is significant concern please contact your surgeon.  Good luck!

Jasmine Mohadjer, MD
Tampa Oculoplastic Surgeon
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