Is there any correction surgical or otherwise for aniscoria?

About 7 years ago a large rock flung at my eye and damaged my iris. Since my pupils have not dilated the same and are always uneven. Sometimes this causes sensitivity in the damaged eye due to too bright of light. Is there any method to correct the condition and fix the muscle?

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Surgical correction after trauma

There are a couple surgical techniques to fix this, but they all have very serious risks associate with them and are generally not advisable. The easiest and first option would be to see an optometrist to help fit you with special contact lenses. You should also be monitored by an ophthalmologist, as you are at risk for developing glaucoma. There happens to be an excellent glaucoma specialist in your town!

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Uneven pupils

There is no simple way to fix the difference between the pupils. If the cosmetic aspect is a concern, colored contact lenses (with equal pupil sizes) may help your eyes look more even.

Mitesh Kapadia, MD, PhD
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You are someone who needs at least an annual eye examination by an ophthalmologist.

First, no, there is no surgery that fixed the iris.  Occasionally, the trauma to the iris is so severe that the iris needs to be reconstructed.  These are seldom never so good.  This is not cosmetic surgery.  A much bigger concern is the development of glaucoma in an eye that has sustained this type of trauma.  You need to be followed carefully by an ophthalmologist.

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I am sorry to learn about the rock injury to your eye. Without seeing a photo , I assume that the injured eye has the larger pupil which does not change size. The good news is that there are surgical procedures available to change the size of the pupil to make it more like the other non injured eye. Unfortunately, there is no procedure available that will fix the muscle to make the pupil change size. Therefore you must understand that after surgery, your pupils may still differ a little in size depending on if you are in a dark room or outside on a bright sunny day. Non-Surgically, there are cosmetic contact lenses available that will basically do the same thing.

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