Pinching in Nose a 1 1/2 Years After Rhinoplasty? Did I Cause It?

I am due for a revision in a month due to asymmetry, a deviated septum and drooping tip. However since the surgery I've noticed white bumps in either nostril. They are large and somewhat obstructive. In the past several months, I have always felt like something was there have done excess cleaning with q-tips. It drives me crazy, it just feels so tight, I don't clean that hard, but in the last few weeks all of a sudden I am getting a pinching pain in the septum when I push my nose a certain way

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Pinching pain in nose years after rhinoplasty

The pinching in the nasal tip and herniated cartilages inside the nostrils can be the result of suturing techniques used during the rhinoplasty procedure.  The ridges on the inside of the nose can be softened and adjusted to improve airflow through the nose.

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Changes in Nose over 1.5 Years after Rhinoplasty

Your nose has changed over the past 1.5 years. It sounds like you're describing some scar  tissue in your nostril. You did nothing to cause this but I would stop cleaning your nose. Your revision should improve the airway.

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It's not you

I answered ths alreadybut it didn't show.


You are not at fault. Cartilages change in shape with time. They drop, contract, unfurl and form bumps after surgery. You haven't changed anything jut noticed the ongong changes.

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White Bumps

Without actually looking inside the nasal  cavity, those white "bumps" are likley areas of scarring from the incisions used in the original rhinoplasty.  They may become raised,white, hard and slightly tender when manipulated.  When pushed, prodded and otherwise manipulated your moving the white bumps around means you are also pushing on deeper structures of the nose which can be tender in and of themselves.  The tightness you are experiencing means the nostrils are tightening (aka stenosing) and should be addressed as well to keep them open. 

I would recommed you re-visit the "white bumps" situatuion with the surgeon who is to perform the revision rhinoplasty and ask him/her how what they are and how it should be addressed. Also make sure you have devised a game plan on how to address the areas that are getting tighter. 

Michael A. Carron, MD
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