Can Fillers Be Used to Correct Alar Groove Asymmetry? (photo)

I had a revision rhino and It has been 17 days post op. I'm still noticing that the left side of the base of my nose looks rounder and higher than my right side. There was already this issue before my revision so I'm pretty sure its not swelling that is causing this. Although I am still swelling. It's the groove on my left side that looks more curved and this curve is visible from the front so it looks like my nose has a dent on that side vs. the right. What steps can be taken to correct this?

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Allow time for swelling to begin to settle before considering fillers after revision rhinoplasty

Soft tissue fillers can be used in certain situations to correct deformities of the nose. One of the more common uses is to fill depressions of the nose especially after surgery. However, asymmetries of the alae and alar base are difficult to improve using fillers. It is possible to add small amounts to the supraalar groove or lateral nasal sidewally to improve contour. 

Keep in mind that you are less than 3 weeks postop from revision rhinoplasty and still have swelling present in your nose. Adding another variable such as fillers to the picture will only complicate things. You should wait several months prior to considering any further procedures. You should discuss your concerns with your surgeon during your follow-up visits.

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Be patient after rhinoplasty

17 days after rhinoplasty is too early to be concerned about asymmetry. Fillers are not necessary and are risky at this time. Be patient with your nose healing. 

-Dr. Zoumalan

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Can Fillers Be Used to Correct Alar Groove Asymmetry?

This early after rhinoplasty, it is premature to be concerned about the final result.   I would certainly not inject fillers at this early stage.           



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