Replacing buck teeth (Photo)

I have buck teeth in the front. Im fine with all my other teeth i just dont like the front ones. Is it possible to have just the front ones removed and replaced with fake teeth? Im 24. If not what are the quickest options for fixing this?

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Braces, and cosmetic dentistry

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you have 2 options, 
first if you do not have problem wearing braces, for at least 1 year, and then with either, implants, or bridges of zirconia you can solve this problem, 
option 2, extract those teeth, which i do not think is the best idea, and certainly you can or either do implants, or a 6 unit bridge. 
both options are good, but if you go little bit more conservative would be great for your bone structure.

Front teeth

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best option for u is aligner treatment. if u r looking for economic option . hawleys plate will also work. do not think about extraction of anterior teeth.

Do not extract those teeth.

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It would be unadvisable and it would be overly aggressive treatment way outside the standard of care to extract those two healthy teeth. You should have orthodontic treatment performed which will help align your teeth and close that gap. Orthodontics would also broaden your smile which I think you would really like the appearance of. The gap between your two front teeth exists due to an excessive frenum, so you will probably need to have a frenectomy procedure performed before any treatment. 

Douglas Jopling, DDS
Dallas,  Texas area

Dental Implants

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Hi, and thank you for your question. I see that your concern is a cosmetic issue. Your teeth as a whole play a vital function in the beginning of the digestive system. Although it has a cosmetic factor, it is still considered an organ and should be preserved as one. I would recommend that you visit with an orthodontist whereby he can easily position these teeth so that you are happy when you smile while maintaining your natural teeth. Please understand that orthodontics is not the quickest solution to your concern, but it is the right one for your specific issue. Best of luck to you. 


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The best way to address this is orthodontics followed by veneers. It is possible to do it all with veneers or crowns but nothing is better than moving your own teeth to their ideal position. Yes it takes longer but it will be more stable and better long term for you. 

Garett Seeba, DMD, MD
Webster Dentist

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