Is the healing from this mole shave biopsy normal? (photos)

I had a shave biopsy done on a mole about two months ago. The mole (as pictured below) was dark in color and had a small black spot in its center. The results showed it was benign. My concern is with the healing at the site of the biopsy - the brown color seems odd to me. I have read that pigmentation can be left behind during a shave biopsy, and I want to see if that's the case here. I have included a picture of the spot after 2 months of healing. Does this look normal? Is there cause for concern?

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When You're Concerned, Call Your Doctor--Mole removal: lasers, radiowave, shave

I recommend following up with your Dr. This can be removed again with lasers, radiowave or shave. Best, Dr. Emer

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Pigmented reaction after mole removal

Pigment cells can react with hyper pigmentation after removal of a mole.  Make sure to communicate this with your doctor, and they will also make sure the mole was completely removed.

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