Are all on four dental implants sufficient to prevent bone loss and the associated excessive aging of the face?

I have read several articles lately that promote the concept that a single lost tooth is enough to trigger bone loss. If that is true, how can all on four prevent bone loss (a concept that is routinely promoted in the dental industry)? Certainly four implants will not provide the same measure of pressure to the bone. Have I misunderstood what I read? Do all on four merely offer a partial solution to bone loss that can never compare with a full set of teeth?

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Snap in dentures or all on 4 by nobel biocare


There are 2 ways of restoring this , the first one could be with Snapindentures,

 with 8 minimplants, upper and 8 minimplants lower,

you will have a strong support with  snapindentures,

 and you will have a great result within a couple of days,

 shape size and even color,

 you will have that smile you always wanted back with a great confort and support.


All on 4 By Nobel Biocare,

its the best way to go if what you want is a screw retained  bar,

that you do not remove ,

 also you will have a strong solution,

 extractions (if you need them) and immediate setting of implants are done at the same proceedure,

and within acouple of days, you will be able to enjoy, a great smile ,

 with strenght and confort,

that smile you always wanted, this is the moment, shape, size and even color, you will be able to change.

 But yes, you have asolution!

Nothing compares to keeping teeth

Bone remains when under tension, whether from a root of a tooth or from an implant.  All on Four will help, but where there are no implants/roots, bone will shrink over time.  If bone preservation is a goal, then more implants is better.  Is it clinically significant?  Probably not.

The next question is the restoration, as most all on four treatments use a hybrid denture that can taste/smell funny over time.  A Deutsch Removable Bridge should be considered (using the same implants/design).

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
Seattle Dentist
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All on 4 concept

all on 4 is indicated in case where proper bone is not present due to bone loss. it is last option . so in ideal cases all 4 is not indicated. if proper bone is present in that case maximum numbers of implants are indicated [7 in upper jaw + 7 in lower 7]. 

Nirav Patel, MDS, PhD
India Dentist
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