6 months after dental implant, implant fell out. Now what?

I had 2 dental implants placed, one on each side of lower jaw. When the implants were uncovered at 6 mths one of the implants fell out. The current approach is wait 3 months and re-do. He has not given me an indication as to why it failed. I am nervous to try again. What do I need to consider/reconsider for the second time? Notes: I did orthodontics to create space for the implants. No bone grafting was necessary. I was an ideal candidate, non-smoker healthy, 30 year old female.

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Failed dental implant

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Unfortunately this is one of the risks of placing dental implants. The failure depends on the type and size of the implant, quality of bone, patient medical history and skills of the surgeon. I would remove the implant and graft the area with bone and let it heal for few months then place another implant

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Re implant

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there r many reasons for failure and its difficult to say anything without seeing yr post op immediate records. but as u described, so u r an ideal candidate for implant. u can go for re implantation after 4 month. just take care of good oral hygiene.

Implant failure

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I am sorry to hear about your implant problem. The implant did not integrate and that can happen for several common reasons: poor primary stability at initial placement, improper placement techniques, or inadequate bone density or quantity. At this time the site should allowed to heal for 3 months. Then re-assess the site using a cone beam CT scan. Then re-plan using computer-assisted planning software to make sure the implant position is proper and there is adequate bone. The placement technique should be proper and use osseodensificaiton technique if bone is poor quality (D4). Primary stability of the implant is critical, so the right size preparation and implant dimensions should be selected. The oral surgeon placing the implant should be well aware of the principles I described. 

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