Use of Medpor in Rhinoplasty for a Flat Nose?

I have a flat nose . I consulted a famous Rhinoplasty doc in New York and he has suggested that I need to have a medpor implant to give my nose the support . It would take 2 years to settle down. Cost would be around 20K for it. My question is 1. Is medpor safe on a long term basis? I am in late 40s 2. Is the cost justified? Does Medpor implants cost that high? 3. Would'nt the ear cartilage work to give definition in a flat nose case? 4. How about use of silicone? 5, Is 2 yr wait standard?

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Septum, Ear, Rib vs Medpor

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    Everyone will have a different opinion on this, but the rates of infection are definitely in favor of autologous tissue, your own cartilage.  Any implant in the nose will have a greater incidence of infection.   I have had to take out several of these after infection, but that does not mean that using these implants is wrong for you.  If rib harvest is your only option, this harvest is not insignificant and has complications of its own.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Medpor after rhinoplasty

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this falls into the category of some surgeons like to use implants and will claim never having problems and many will say to never use them. What is certain is that use of implants does increase your risk of infection, extrusion and need for further surgery. If you have never had any nasal surgery then my recommendation would be for you to use your own cartilage. It will be safer and more natural.


Regarding cost, on my last trip to NYC this past November it did seem as my money just evaporated from my wallet in a heartbeat with little to show for it. It seems this extends to rhinoplasty as well as cab rides, bagel etc. You can do much better pricewise elsewhere with highly skilled and competent surgeons.


Michael L. Schwartz, MD
West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Your own tissue is best

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It depends on how much augmentation you need but septum, ear or rib cartilage can be used.  Medpor has been used successfully in the nose but my preference is the patients own tissue.

Medpor Use in the Nose

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I would agree with the comments below that Medpor should not be used in the nose if other feasible options exist. In my years of experience, this type of implant has a much higher rate of complication versus other methods of reshaping the nose. I think the cost you quoted is quite high. Unfortunately, ear cartilage is not likely to work if you have a significant deficiency in bridge height. Silicone is an option but there are still better choices. A 2 year wait is not unusual when healling from rhinoplasty surgery.

John M. Hilinski, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Sybthetic Materials In Rhinoplasty Have Higher Rates Of Complications

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If you can avoid using a synthetic material in the nose (and you can), then go that route. Medpor provides a variety of preformed nasal implants, which is understandably appealing, but under the relatively thin skin of the nose there may be a 'price' to pay for that convenience later. Your own cartilage has an appreciably much lower risk of any long-term problems and it is more easily revised if need be. Whether your own septum or ear cartilage is enough is unknown to me, but rib cartilage always provides an unlimited source of any amount of nasal augmentation. Secondly, the cost of any surgeon's fees is highly influenced by their geography. The cost of your quoted surgery has little to do with the cost of any Medpor implant, that is just what the cost of that type of rhinoplasty is in NYC.

Run away from Medpor implants in the nose!

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First of all NYC plastic surgeons have very high overhead so they also charge two to three times more than other city's plastic surgeons.  You can look at Boston, Philadelphia or DC as alternatives.  

Second, Medpor is horrible in the nose.  It doesnt belong in the nose and if it gets infected and need to be removed its a mess!  Run! I don't care how "famous" this plastic surgeon is.  No good rhinoplasty surgeons have been using Medpor in the nose for years! Its all about Rib cartilage although some do still use Gore-tex or Silicone.  

Shervin Naderi, MD, FACS
Washington DC Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 119 reviews

Use of Medpor in Rhinoplasty for a Flat Nose?

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I strongly recommend the use of your own cartilage before placement of nasal implants such as the Medpor to which your question is directed.

For more information, please go to my website at:

Medpor rhinoplasty

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Medpore offers no support to the nose, it is simply a cosmetic implant.  It should not be used in the nose for the reasons already stated.  Always best to use your own nasal cartilage fist, then ear cartilage. A small silastic implant dorsal implant can be well tolerated in the right person  

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Stay away from synthetic nasal implants

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I think most nasal surgeons would agree that synthetic implants to the nose are not a wise idea. We all have seen these implants both extrude and become infected. Particularly Medpor is problematic because when there are problems, it is very difficult to remove it due to significant tissue ingrowth. There are plenty of non-synthetic alternatives for nasal dorsum augmentation including your own rib, cadaveric rib, AlloDerm (collagen matrix) and cartilage. It is not unreasonable to wait a year or two for the final results of nasal surgery and everything costs more in New York.......


Theda C. Kontis, MD
Baltimore Facial Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 42 reviews

Stay away from Medpor

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Recent studies showed Medpor has a high complication rate. If it gets infected or doesn't look rite its almost impossible to remove. I have use silicone nasal implants to the past 15 years with great success. See weblink below. Your results should take no more than 6 months and the cost is in the 10 to 12k range. Don't confuse PR with "fame". PR is paid for just like advertisments.

Oleh Slupchynskyj, MD, FACS
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 286 reviews

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