Would an upper blepharoplasty give me almond or round shaped eyes? Perth, Australia (Photo)

I'm 35 just want to look less Aggro/sleepy - do not want any fat removed. yet to find a doc I feel comfortable with who will preform this under a local anaesthetic in Perth , Australia. If I had the uppers done would my eyes end up looking rounder or almond shaped? Also could the asymmetry be reduced? I am also concerned about them looking "hollow" afterwards. Will the fine lines in he corners of my eyes be reduced ? Thank you,any advise appreciated.

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I do not in any way think you are the "ideal" blepharoplasty patient.

Most eyelid surgeons are there to remove skin.  Removing your upper eyelid fold will skeletonize your upper eyelid exposing your hollow sulcus.  Where is the orbital fat?  While you do not have frank upper eyelid ptosis, you do have a levator dehiscence that allows the  anterior orbital fat, which contributes to fullness in the upper eyelid sulcus, to retract into the orbit.  By repairing the dehiscence, it is often possible to release the orbital fat back into the eyelid space.  The other challenge for you is having a low crease made and preserving upper eyelid fold.  You need your eyelid platform exposed.  You do not need all of the upper eyelid fold removed.  Less is more.  Once too much is removed, it can not be replaced.  You need to have a very explicit conversation with your potential surgeon about precisely what they are going to be doing.

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Upper eyelid heaviness and assymmetry

Thanks for your question and the very good photos. As is usually the case there are components of eyelid excess and brow descent contributing to the heaviness of your upper eyelids. I do not think you have significant ptosis on the basis of the photos you have provided but rather that overactivity of the squinting muscles around the eye have led to lateral hooding of the eyelid. Our sunny climate and beach culture contributes to this and I see it frequently. Even if you are not a beachgoer the bight sunshine makes us squint a lot all year round and eventually the lateral brow skin starts to creep into the orbit and the squinting creases around the eye deepen and become etched in permanently. You do not appear to have excess fat in the orbit so this should be left alone. The choices for surgical correction of this include an upper blepharoplasty under local anesthetic with conservative excision of the lateral upper lid fold and anchoring of the lid crease and pretarsal skin and/ or a browlift with mainly a lateral vector (towards the temple rather than upwards). The browlift is a GA procedure performed through incisions behind the hairline. Both these operations reveal the eye more rather than changing its shape, like opening the curtains on a window. A face to face consult would be required to assess and advise your options more clearly.

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Blepharoplasty and almond eye surgery

In blepharoplasty, it is important to preserve the fat so to avoid the hollow effect. 
Blepharoplasty should not change the shape the eyes, meaning it won't make it almond shape. Almond shape eyes are due to different eyelid anatomy. See link below.

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Would an upper blepharoplasty give me almond or round shaped eyes? Perth, Australia

Thank you for your question and images. You look like a good candidate for an upper eyelid blepharoplasty and you may be eligible for a rebate if you have private health insurance. I agree that you do not require any fat removal and it is uncommon to do so with modern blepharoplasty techniques. The procedure can certainly be completed under local anaesthesia but in my experience the procedure is better to do under some sedation as the eyes can be a sensitive area. The results will be similar to those that you have simulated in the images without the eye brow elevation - unless you included a brow lift procedure. To reduce the fine lines around the eyes wrinkle relaxers would be an ideal addition. Best of luck.
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Upper lid bleph?

I think you are an ideal candidate for an upper lid blepharoplasty. The surgery could make your eyes more symmetric and the goal would be to reduce the excess skin that is more prominent on the outer portion of your lids. Your eye shape will remain the same but you will look brighter and less sad. If you find the right surgeon you will love your results. Best of luck.

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Would an upper blepharoplasty give me almond or round shaped eyes? Perth, Australia (Photo)

Thanks for sharing your photos
Your asymmetry is due to mild upper eyelid ptosis, I would recommend you correct your ptosis at the time of your upper blepharoplasty. Fine lines will not be reduced. Rounder or almond shaped would depend on your PS.
Best wishes

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