Is It Possible To Reduce The Size Of My Ears?

Good morning, I would like to know how you would perform your surgery on my case (shown in the picture). I've already had an otoplasty 10 years ago however I see that my ears are still big in relation with the whole face and I'd like to have them smaller and a little bit more sticked out towards the head (even if I think that ears would be less visible on my face if smaller). What could I do? Many thanks

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Ear reduction surgery

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It would have been more helpful, have you posted your frontal view of your face to see if your ears need to "stick out toward your head" or not. Your ear reduction is more challenging due to your previous otoplasty. There is minimal room to reduce the size of your ear lobes, if this is what you have in mind. A wedge resection would leave you minimal visible scars. A "C" shape cartilage excision inside of ear folds can change yout ear projections and slightly reduce the size of your ears, if they are performed meticulously.  

Reducing the size of ears

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While it is possible to reduce the overall size of ears, unfortunately the necessary incisions result in scars that are unacceptable to patients.  This is especially true if the patient has a dark complexion.  There are some extensive ways to reduce the size of the ears such as when a skin cancer is present, but this is only done during reconstructive surgery and will leave an unacceptable cosmetic result for patients such as this.  

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Ear reduction

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Yes it is possible to reduce the length  of your ears,  but not necessarily advisable. True reduction of the length  of your ears  will leave potentially visible scars. Other deformities may also result secondary to this procedure.

Some patients who have residual ear  prominence after otoplasty feel that their ears  are too long–this perception results after the ears  are set back further with revision of the otoplasty.

Make sure when contemplating further surgery you do not trade a perceived “deformity” with a problem that is worse and potentially irreversible.

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