Part of my Bump is Coming Back After Rhinoplasty Please Help Me!

I had a rhinoplasty 4 weeks ago. I had the bump removed. At first it was lovely. Now on the right side I have slowly noticed part of the bump coming back. This is NOT swelling.It is hard like bone and feels like the old bump. It is getting bigger and more noticable everyday. My doc said it may be a bone spur but he has to wait 6 moths to do anything about it. My question is, is this going to keep getting bigger and bigger I am so scared I am going to look deformed on one side.It is very visable

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Hump after rhinoplasty

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Your problem is not unusual. What you are expriencing  may  be due to callus formation at the site of bone removal to reduce the hump. If your surgeon used an ostetome and removed the hump with minimal trauma there is less callus but if a coarse rasp is used there maybe more trauma eliciting tissue reaction forming more callus that feels like bone. However it will resolve spontaniously in 3-6months by bone remodelling process. So be patient for six months and see what happens. 

Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Revisional Rhinoplasty For Residual Dorsal Irregularity

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Dorsal humps/bumps do not return after rhinoplasty, they merely reveal themselves after the swelling begins to subside. Because of the swelling and the temporary shaping effect of the splint, the smoothness of the dorsal ridge or line can initially look quite good and regular. But as the swelling subsides and the skin begins to show the definition of the underlying bone and cartilage framework, small irregularities or residual bump areas will begin to appear. This is especially true in the nasal bridge area. Often it is just an edge or small area that can easily escape being detected during the procedure as the hump was being reduced.  It is important to allow all the swelling to go away before doing a minor revision to smooth out this area.

Nasal hump is returning after rhinoplasty

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As the swelling is going down imperfections are likely to appear if the the nasal hump was not taken down smoothly and this is a common cause of revision in rhinoplasty. The hump is not returning or growing, and we don't' have faith in the 'callous' formation which occurs as long bones heal, though not the nasal bones. Your surgeon is right though, allow at least six months so all imperfections are visible, and then rasp the hump smooth at a second setting.

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Bump on nose after surgery

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Certain post-operative changes are not uncommon after rhinoplasty.  This may be post-operative scarring of the boney -cartilagenous junction, which can easily be addressed after all of the soft tissues have settled from the original procedure.  This does continue to grown slightly, however, will eventually stop and settle.  However, you may need to have this addressed surgically 6-12 months after your original procedure.

Part of my Bump is Coming Back After Rhinoplasty Please Help Me!

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It is possible that not enough of your hump was removed, and now that the swelling is decreasing it is becoming more apparent. The other possibility is that you may have some bone "swelling" which can happen if a rasp was used to remove the hump.

Regardless, you will have to wait until more of the swelling decreases, to see if you will need treatment. If the bony hump is from bony inflammation, it may go down on its own.

I would agree with waiting 6 months.

Michel Siegel, MD


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It's too early to tell if you have swelling or residual bone even if it feels very hard. Be patient and wait at least six months. If you do have to have some additional smoothing it's better to wait and let the full extent declare itself. If you do something to soon you may end up with the same problem over again.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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No, your bone won't grow after your Rhinoplasty

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No, your bone doesn't grow after a Rhinoplasty.  IMHO, it's far more likely that the initial swelling, after your Rhinoplasty, masked the bone hump that's just now beginning to show.  You have to wait for at least 6 months before your previous surgeon or any Rhinoplasty surgeon would perform a revision Rhinoplasty if it's ultimately required.  Hopefully, this is still swelling that will resolve in several more months. 

Part of my Bum Returning

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It is possible to have callous formation in the bone and sometimes this can be shaved down in the office. I know you may feel anxious about this, but I agree with your surgeon that you should wait 6 months before you do anything because your nose is still healing/changing.

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