Hard Bump on Left Side of Nose

A bony bump has developed on the left side of my nasal bridge. I realized it three months ago. As its only on my left side i think its something unique and when you i look at it in the mirror from the right side my nose it looks very bad and nothing like when i look at it from the right hand side. Im not sure if its just a bone sticking out or something else. Would closed reduction surgery fix my issue or would i have to go through with another procedure.

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Nasal bump

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There is a fair amount of swelling that occurs after Any rhinoplasty normally.   As the general swelling subsides some bumps may present after the camouflage is absorbed.  A revision or rasping down the bump may be in your future, but you are 6-9 months away from knowing.  Do remember that this will probably not be as involved as the primary surgery.

Hard bump after Rhinoplasty

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At 3 months after your Rhinoplasty, a hard bump that can't be pressed away would most likely be bone.  The nasal bones, if fractured with osteotomies during the Rhinoplasty, can shift causing a lump, bump or asymmetry.  You should ask the surgeon that did your Rhinoplasty for advice.

IMHO, no a closed nasal reduction is an unreliable procedure used on newly fractured nose from trauma...where an instrument is placed up the nose and the nasal bones are shifted towards the midline.  It's borderline barbaric, IMO and doesn't properly realign the fractured cartilage or bone.  A Rhinoplasty is much more reliable.

If the lump you describe is indeed nasal bone, it would need to be rasped down or re-fractured.


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Did you have a previous rhinoplasty? If so sometimes this can occur. If it's more then 12 months then you will likely nee to have it smoothed. Good luck!

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Hard bump after Rhinoplasty

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Sounds like there is a slight scarring at the boney-cartilagenous junction (also called callous) which may be the cause of these changes on the left side of your nasal bridge.  This can be easily treated with rasping of the dorsum of your nose.  This should not be performed until after at least 6-12 months after your original surgery.

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