Still in pain 5 days after Bone Graft, is this usual? (photos)

I had the bottom middle 2 teeth extracted 3 years ago and a bridge put in. 4 months ago the bridge broke along with one of the anchor teeth. Dentist then extracted both of the anchor teeth and the plan is to put implants in and hang the bridge from those. The original bone grafts after extractions did not generate enough bone for implants, so had 2 additional more intensive bone grafts done 5 days ago. This pain has been excruciating, how long should I expect this pain?

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What to expect after a Bone Graft Surgery

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I am sorry to hear you have been under so much pain. It is common for the pain and inflamation to increase for up to 72 Hrs after surgery. However, if you follow the post operative instructions provided by your surgeon, including taking the prescribed pain medication, it should be getting better. If the pain is not improving after 5 days, I would advice getting it assessed by your surgeon just to rule out an infection or some other complication (although it is most probably nothing). From the pictures you sent, it all looks OK and as I mentioned it most probably is, but if you are not felling well, I always recommend a quick call to your surgeon.

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