Why is it not recommended to wear dentures after a Bone Graft operation?

I´ve just had a bone graft operation with 4 implants put in on my upper jaw. The surgeon told me not to wear my denture for as long as possible. How long after the operation is it safe to wear them? and to eat with them? Thanks

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4 implants set.

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IF you had the ALL  ON4, BY NOBELBIOCARE, that is proven protocol, you do not need to wait, actually your dentures are screwed directly to implants, and even there is no bone graft needed, 
check with your doctor, if the 4 implants, were with the ALL ON 4, TECHNIQUE,
If not, you need to wait. at least 3 months.

Denture wearing after implant and bone surgery

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You don't want to place undue stress and pressure on newly placed implants and bone into the jaw. Does this make sense? Any undue stress could compromise the surgical results particularly if your bone level was compromised to begin with. Usually after a bout 6-8 weeks, you should be able to start to function depending on your starting point. Speak to your surgeon and be careful. Load those implant too early and they could fail to integrate with the bone. 

Herbert Veisman, DDS
Toronto Periodontist

Pressure on surgical site after implant surgery.

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Implants and grafting heal best when the area remains untouched.  If graft material was added in the area then that means that the gums and bone are built thicker.   Your denture may now put too much pressure on the area if worn.  This is sometimes the downside of having implants done this way.  One solution is to use temporary implants to support the denture while healing occurs or even relining the denture with a soft material while healing.
Talk to your dentist to determine the best approach.

Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist


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Hi, thanks for write... The Overdenture will make pressure over the implants and bone graft, so, try to put regularly after 2 or 3 months, less use better for your success. Regards 

Bone graft, denture, eat.

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Dear gembas: Congratulations on the first step you getting your new teeth. Your surgeon is absolutely right, you do not want to wear the Denture over the surgical and graft site for at least two weeks following surgery.  The pressure from the denture can cause the graft material to not take and compromise the stability of the implants. Originally,  implant placement protocol called for you not to wear the denture  for 6 months of healing. With newer technology, implants, and graft materials, this healing period has been shortened.  However, it depends on, and varies according to  the procedure that was done, the number of implants, the extent of the graft,  and the types of denture you are wearing. Do not  put the denture in and starts chewing food without talking to your surgeon first.  You  can easily compromise the graft and implants and cause a failure of the whole procedure.
Please call your surgeon for more information.  He/she wants the success of your treatment just as much as you do.
Best of luck,

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