Congenitally missing teeth #7 and #10 (Photo)

I had a block bone graft on congenitally missing #7 and #10 two weeks ago. I was told previously that there was no space. Now I am afraid of gingival recession and damage to my adjacent teeth. Do I have enough space? Pictures and xrays are 10 days after bone graft.

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Would need further imaging to determine available space

Enough space is a relative term.  Looking at a 2D image such as the Xray you posted there is enough room between teeth to accomadate an implant.  However, the bone and space is 3D and, therefore, only with the use of both a clinical examination of the bone and gums, along with a 3D or CT scan can a true estimation of available bone and gums be determined.

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Room for a dental implant is determined in 3 dimentions

The xrays shown do not tell us if there is enough bone, and that kind of xray never can.  The width might be ok, but the thickness is the most important.  It is assumed that the block graft is plenty thick, so I would assume that after healing you should be just fine.

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