Hello Can You Have One Breast Implant Replaced?

Hello I had my breast done about 5 years ago and I've always dislike the feel of one of them. One breast is a little harder I think due to capsular contractor, then the other. The one breast looks like it isn't as low as the other but it's not obvious by glancing at them in a bikini top. I can see it when they are uncovered. This had really been bothering me and I'm definitely going to get the implant replaced but wanted to know if I could replace just one and not the other, which is perfect.

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Breast Implant Revision For One Side

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  If one side has capsular contracture or malposition and the other side has no issues, one side can be altered.  Find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of breast augmentations each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Can I have just one implant replaced?

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To answer your question, it really depends.  If you have mild capsular contracture on one side, then removal of the capsule on that firmer side along with implant exchange may give you a result that is more symmetric.  However, keep in mind that by removing the capsule, you actually free up the breast tissue a bit and so change the dynamic of that breast so that it may not look as similar to the un-operated breast.


That being said, I would suggest starting out simply with revision to the one side and seeing how everything settled out of time.  It will take a good 6 months to see the final result and a little patience may prove very helpful here. 


I encourage you to view my YouTube video below where I go into a little more depth on your question.


I hope that was helpful!

Replacing only one breast implant.

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You may have a mild capsular contracture on your side of concern.  And this can be addressed with implant replacement, change in the texture of the implant, use of a acellular dermis or possible change in the plane of the implant. There are risks associated with a revision. If this truly is a capsular contracture, then you have a higher risk of this condition recurring.  If you look great in clothing, then there always is the option of leaving it alone.  As far as the other implant, there is no need to address it.  If it were an older implant, say 10 years of older, then you may consider it.  Good luck  

Replacing only one breast implant could be fine

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Since only one of your breast implants is a problem and the other is fine, you might be able to get a good result with surgery on only the problem breast. The things you need to take into consideration are numerous. Is the same implant that was used in the good breast still available? Is the surgeon the same surgeon? Does the implant need to be put in a different location? If there is any question about these issues then it probably would be best to allow the surgeon the option of operating on both breasts to obtain the best possible symmetry.

Replacing One Breast Implant?

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Thank you for the question.

 It will probably be in your best interest to leave the  "perfect” breast implant alone ( as there is no indication to revise this breast).

 Communicate your specific concerns with your plastic surgeon who hopefully has significant experience helping patients with revisionary breast surgery. Ask to see lots of examples of their work...

 Best wishes.

Implant replacement

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I think it is OK to leave the one that is not a problem and replace the other one, but this is dependent upon the exam. 

Unilateral breast secondary revision surgery

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It is possible that one breast could be operated on and the other left alone.  It is also possible that once that breast is corrected it may not look like the other side. Re-operative and secondary breast surgery can be difficult especially when symmetry is concerned.  

Hello Can You Have One Breast Implant Replaced?

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Of course, you can have just one implant replaced if it is asymmetric or has a capsular contracture or a leak.

Can You Have One Breast Implant Replaced?

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Yes, you can - and this is part of what you should talk about with your plastic surgeon.  In fact, for severe asymmetry - where one implant is truly fine and the other has a notable problem - it is reasonable to replace only one.  However, the goal, among others, is symmetry and to have them look and feel about the same if at all possible.  And as long as you're replacing one you may want to take that opportunity to have them both done.  That way, they're the same implants, from the same time, etc.  Again, this is an important part of the consultation.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E

Hello Can You Have One Breast Implant Replaced?

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If the problem is just with one side, that is the only side that needs to have anything done. Discuss the particulars with your surgeon.

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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