Bone Graft: The gums in my front teeth have not healed, should I be worried?

i had bone graft 12 days ago in my upper jaw. The bums in my front teeth have not healed, they are flapping & I can see my bone. The stitches dissolved so there's nothing holding them shut. Is this normal? Should I wait until they completely close before I eat solids? I dont have pain, just discomfort from my guns flapping. Please advise im very worried

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Healing after bone grafting

The flap needs some time to heal and close. Usually 3-4 weeks 

During this time you need to follow all post op instructions 

try to avoid the site while eating , stay on soft food. Do not brush the area. Use the mouth wash prescribed by your doctor to maintain the area clean. 

If you have any questions about the healing process , it is better to see your surgeon to make sure things are healing as expected 

good luck 

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