Uneven lower lip due to dog bite. What can I do to make it look more even and full? (Photo)

I was 11 when I got bit on my lower lip on the right side a chunk was missing I had stitches and the plastic surgeon said maybe in a few years to go with lip filler, I am now 19 and wondering if lip filler will work?

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Traumatic injuries are all very unique

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Traumatic injuries are all very unique. A loss of volume might be improved with a filler but there also could be more appropriate reconstructive procedures that might give a better result. This is the kind of problem that you should consult a plastic surgeon about before deciding on a method of treatment.

Dog Bite and Uneven Lips

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Now that it has been several years you can definitely consult a board certified dermatologist for injections into the lip to make them even again.  This will not remove the scar but will make your lips look even.  Best, Dr. Green

Lip Revision/Scar Treatment

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Thank you for your question!

The surgical treatment of scars is a procedure frequently performed by plastic surgeons. Scars are the unavoidable result of injuries, disease, or surgery. It is impossible to totally remove the presence of a scar, yet plastic surgery may improve the appearance and texture of scars. There are many different techniques of scar revision surgery.

Consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss your desired outcome and what treatments are most appropriate for you.

Warm Wishes!

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Lip Asymmetry

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I appreciate your concern, and physical exam would be helpful, but it appears that combination scar revision and very modest lip reduction is the best place to start. After your lips settle down from surgery, touch up with fillers may or may not be needed. Be sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon with lots of experience with lip surgery. Good luck!

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