Can Increase in Oil Production Cause Nose to Appear Larger?

It has been a year since my surgery. I went away to Nevada for the summer time where the climate is very dry. Upon returning to Kansas (humid), my skin has been extremely oily. I have noticed that the pours on my nose appear larger and my skin appears thicker. I also find that the slight droop to my tip seems accentuated. Could this be a result of the increase in oil or is this further results from my healing process?

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Thick , Oily Nasal Skin

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Thick oily skin will mask the shape and fine contour of the underlying cartilage and bone. I frequently advise my rhinoplasty patients to see the esthetician in our office before and after a rhinoplasty to enhance their appearance and surgical result. You yourself suggest that your nose looks worse when it is thick and oily.

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Oily skin won't impact the overall shape of nose post-rhino

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When ambient temperatures increase, the rate of sebum (skin oil) excretion increases. This increased output of sebum causes the pores to dilate and, therefore, be more visible at the surface of the skin. However, it is doubtful that this factor would cause a change in the overall appearance of your nose/tip.

Given that it's been a year since your surgery and, thus, your final results are now visible, I suggest seeing your surgeon if you're at all unhappy with the appearance of your nose.

Good luck!

Oily skin and rhinoplasty

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After a year, you result will be quite stable, for better or worse. Changes in oily skin should respond to an astringent and will not change the shape of your nose.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Glands on nose

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For sure if the glands on the nose are hyperactive the skin will be thicker and the nose will look bigger. A great way to treat this is to use a CO2 laser to smoothen the skin. If your glands really are hyperactive, you might even consider doing this once every 1-2 years or as necessary. Longterm that would reduce the risk of rhinophyma where the inflamed tissue on the nose really thickens and deforms. Louis Potyondy

Louis Potyondy, MD
Tacoma Plastic Surgeon

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