Overbite Comes Back / Can I Do a Second Braces? (photo)

I had braces to fix my overbite 15 years ago and I did't wear a retainer properly. I know for years that my upper teeth have been constantly shifting outward but just recently that this really bothers me. I went to see an orthodontist and she said that I couldn't do a second braces due to limited space I have left between my teeth and also I already had 4 teeth extraction. What are your opinions? If I can't get braces again, is there other way to fix my buck teeth to look less prominent?

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Overjet Came Back, Can I Do Braces Again?

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The overbite you are referring to is actually properly termed "overjet". The reason your upper teeth are moving outward is because that is where they are supposed to be. The mistake you made was having the four bicuspid teeth removed when you did braces the first time. This created an excess amount of space and your front teeth (upper and lower) had to be moved back further than what is natural. Your true problem is that your upper arch is grossly underdeveloped; that's why you see the big black triangles in the corners of your mouth when you smile. Because the upper jaw is underdeveloped, the lower jaw (which fits into the upper jaw) is also underdeveloped and too far retruded. The lower jaw wants to come forward but can't because it's blocked out by the underdeveloped upper jaw. 

More than likely, you will grind your teeth at night because your body knows that in order to be able to breathe while you sleep your lower jaw needs to come forward. Unfortunately, it can't stay forward because it's blocked out by the underdeveloped upper jaw.

You don't need more braces, you need an appliance to develop your upper jaw and bring your lower jaw forward, then you can get braces (or Invisalign) to straighten your teeth again.

Good luck!

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