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I'm getting new braces treatment since my last orthodontist turned out to be a bad one. Anyway, for this new treatment 4 teeth will be removed (not wisdom teeth, those have already been removed) and will also use a "bite block" for about a year. She says she may be able to camouflage it to 60-80% and maybe even 90%. My concern is, my face is already long as it is and I'm worried if this treatment will help improve my physical appereance or not. Here some x rays.

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From the looks of your x-rays you have a very severe skeletal problem that would make any orthodontic correction difficult so perhaps your first orthodontist was not "bad" but just couldn't overcome a poor skeletal problem. When we talk about camouflage we mean the way the teeth fit together, not how the face ends up looking.  Orthodontic treatment, even with bite block is unlikely to do much for your vertical "long face syndrome".  Sometimes only surgery can correct skeletal problems and improve facial appearances

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Will Orthodontics Improve a Long Face?

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If you are having four bicuspid teeth extracted PLEASE DON'T! You will be EXTREMELY unhappy with the results using bicuspid extraction orthodontics. If you extract bicuspids, you will accentuate your already long narrow face. You are what we call a 'vertical grower" as seen by your long narrow face and the bump on the bridge of your nose. If you extract bicuspid teeth you will end up with far more space than you need to align your teeth. Your orthodontist will then have to over retract your six upper and lower front teeth to close the spaces. The lower third of your face that is supported by these six front teeth will be pulled back with your teeth causing your nose (that will stay where it is) to look bigger. Your lower jaw that is already positioned too far back will be pushed back even further which will make your profile look worse, will collapse your airway and potentially cause TMJ Dysfunction. You already have a narrow upper arch and extracting bicuspids will only make it more narrow and create black triangles in the corners of your mouth. 

DO NOT extract bicuspid teeth. There is a FAR better way to treat your case. You need to expand your upper arch to make room for the crowded teeth and allow your lower jaw to be brought forward. 

For more information, search for epigenetic orthodontics, face focused orthodontics or to see what bicuspid extractions will do to your face search for "ruined faces by orthodontics".

Good luck!

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