What Are My Options For An Overbite?

i am 20 years old and i have slight overbite .i feel like my lower jaw is stopped from moving forward. i want to know that braces will help to move my lower jaw forward ,or surgery is necessary ,i mean i do not want to go for surgery in which my jaw will be cut and tighten by screws. thank you

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Correction of Overbite

If your overbite is not too severe braces and an adjunct appliance that attaches to the braces should be sufficient to correct your overbite.  If you're looking for a noticeable advancement of your lower jaw, then surgery may be the best choice.  Get a consultation and have the doctor use your x-rays, models, and photos to show what would happen with each approach.

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Overbite correction

If your overbite is mild to moderate (3-5 mm) braces and elastics would correct your overbite.  If your overbite is more than that there are a few other options like a Herbst appliance to correct the overbite without surgery. If the overbite is severe and your lower jaw is underdeveloped surgery may be your only and best way to correct it.

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Slight Overbites Can be Fixed with Braces

If your overbite is truly "slight," this definitely can be fixed with braces. There are lots of appliances that can be used to correct this while you are wearing braces, so I am not going to list all of them. However, if you have a more significant overbite, surgery really is the best solution to lengthen your lower jaw.


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Option for overbite

If your ovebite is a skeletal issue, then you might want to go the surgical route. While surgery is a somewhat painful process to go through, the pain will come to an end shortly and you will not only haave a better bite, but you will also have a stronger Jawline and more attractive appearance.  It sounds like you have had your consultations., perhaps you should do a few more to really get a consensus.

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