Will Braces Correct My Overbite?

i have an slight overbite due to which my face looks short .i am 19 years old.when i put my jaw in position of underbite my face looks good.i want to know that by wearing brace my lower jaw will move forward .

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Overbite correction with jaw surgery

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It sounds like you have an overbite and your lower jaw ( your mandible ) is too far  Back. If your face looks better or longer when you put your jaw forward, that is usually a good indication that you are a good candidiate for Jaw surgery, ( which is done WITH braces). When you have your consultation with the orthodontists, they should be able to tell you all your options for treatment and the pros and cons of each!


San Diego Orthodontist

Overbite correction

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Braces can certainly correct your overbite.  As far as you chin goes that is something that an orthodontist would have to evaluate and decide what the best way to correct that component.  Typically it would take some type of a surgical process (lower jaw being moved forward, chin implant etc) but the only way to know for sure would be to get an orthodontic consultation.   Hope that helps!!!

Scott Vincent, DMD, MS
Sandy Orthodontist

Adult Braces Can Correct Slight Overbites

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Braces can absolutely help your overbite, and if it is slight your orthodontist can definitely correct it. However, it sound more like you are concerned with the position of your jaw than the position of your teeth.

If you want to move your jaw forward you have a few options:

  • Orthognathic Surgery - This the most predictable way to correct your problem. The surgeon will do exactly what you are simulating by positioning your jaw forward, so you'll have a great idea of what the result will look like. Surgery is a big deal and expensive, but if it can improve your face dramatically it is definitely worth exploring. 
  • Fixing your Overbite with Braces + Genioplasty - Another option would be to get your teeth to fit together and then going with a less invasive and less expensive surgery to position your chin in greater harmony with your face, and give the appearance of a longer jaw. Not everyone is a good candidate for a genioplasty, so you'll need to consult with a plastic surgeon to make sure the end result will look good (doing a genioplasty when orthognathic surgery is indicated doesn't turn out well many times).
  • Herbst Appliance - This is a forward mandibular positioning appliance. This treatment works best in growing adolescents, but it may be able position your lower jaw forward into a stable position as an adult (I wouldn't recommend it for really large jumps forward though). Your orthodontist will be able to tell you if this appliance is even an option for you. 

It is great that you are already aware of your goals for treatment. Knowing what you want makes our job very easy since we just have to advise you on the best way to get you there.

Scott Frey, DDS
Allentown Orthodontist

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