Would Like to Know More About "No Braces" or "Myobrace" for a 10 Year Old Daughter?

My Daughter is 10 years old. We just visited an orthodontic and he adviced to have a temprory plate for her upper arch, because of crowding. He also advised to get permanent braces for her next year as she still has 10 baby teeth. Many people are advising about "NO Braces" technology. How do they compare with traditional braces? what is more effective(cost wise and results wise)?Are there any side effects of "NO braces". Just worried and need experts advice!thanks

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Early arch development may be of benefit

From looking at the before and after photo's on the No Brace website I wonder how effective their appliance is at fully aligning the teeth. I do agree that early arch development can be of benefit for some patients. Is your daughter's temporary plate an active expander, or just to hold space? It may be helpful to discuss with your orthodontist what the long term plan is for your daughter. Are extractions anticipated, or will the braces be able to create needed space? What ultimately matters is that you find an orthodontist who's treatment philosophy is compatible with what you want for your child.

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Orthodontists ARE the experts...

In your last sentence, you said you need experts' advice.  By definition and recognition by the American Dental Association, orthodontists are the experts.   Orthodontics has come a long ways, even in the last 10 years.  There are always new technologies and more efficient ways to treat crooked teeth and other jaw size and malocclusion problems.  Some are removable, and some are attached to the teeth.  Each has their pros and cons.  In general, removable appliances have limited abilities to move teeth and require absolute patient compliance.  But they may work fine in certain minor cases.  Fixed (attached) appliances, such as braces, give the orthodontist the best control to move teeth.

Trust your orthodontist, he/she IS the specialist!

Doug Depew, DMD
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"no braces" treatment

No matter what the people who promote "no braces" technology tell you...this is not a new concept...it has been around for 50 years!  In that time there have been thousands of studies and thousands of orthodontists who have tried various versions of this type of treatment.   Bottom line, if this was such a great idea then why hasn't it been adopted by the orthodontic community.  Unless you believe in conspiracy theories that orthodontists are holding on to old ways for the money or laziness, then you have to ask yourself is this "too good to be true", 

Do your research and be careful!

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
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