Do Orthodontists Usually Offer Payment Plans for Braces?

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Orthodontic payment plan

Yes! Almost all orthodontist offer payment plans. There are usually three to chosse from. 1. You will be offered a 5 to 7% pay in full discount if you pay your contract in full. 2. There  is usually an interets free office plan and a bogger downpayment and smaller monthly payments until treatment is over. 3. There are outside companies ( ie Chase or Care Credit) which offer lOWER monthly payments with some interest. These days. most orthodontist will offer Chase or Care credit INTEREST FREE.



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Orthodontic treatment can be very affordable

Most orthodonists offer convenient payment options.  Typically it involves an initial payment of perhaps 20% of the entire fee followed by even monthly payments for the duration of your treatment.  Some doctors offer payment plans with no initial fee.  Most offer a discount if you pay the entire amount at the beginning of treatment.

Doug Depew, DMD
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Orthodontists Offer Payment Plans

Orthodontists most definitely offer payment plans. In fact, many prefer them. 

Many offices have both in-house financing and third party financing plans for patients to allow great treatment able to fit within any budget. 

Scott Frey, DDS
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Payment Plans for Orthodontics

Absolutely!!  Most patients choose a payment plan with orthodontic treatment with a down payment and monthly payments that span the duration of treatment.  If you do pay in full most offices offer a payment in full discount between 5-10%.

Scott Vincent, DMD, MS
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