Can Outfracture / Lateralization of Turbinates Be Reversed?

I had my turbinates outfractured and or lateralized. I think this is giving me tooo much airflow. Is it possible to put them back where they were or close to it?

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Turbinates and outfracture

The new and improved airflow from outfracture of your turbinates is difficult at best to reverse if it were to be done, but more than likely you will acclimate to the increased airflow.

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Reversing turbinate outfracture

It is unusual to get too much airflow from turbinate out-fracture alone. Patients can get excessive opening (and increased issues with drying and crusting) if the turbinates are also over-reduced in size during the surgery. This is a more difficult problem to address. With out-fracture only, often the turbinates with tend to reposition themselves medially over time on their own.

It's unclear how long ago your surgery was. I would recommend seeing your surgeon or another surgeon experienced in nasal/turbinate surgery to go over your symptoms and assess the situation.

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Rhinoplasty - turbinate outfracture

There is no need to reverse your turbinate outfracture.  You body will adjust to the increased outflow.  What this means is that the tissues of that turbinate will sense the increased outflow and the tissues will grow and increase the size of your turbinate appropriately.

 In the meanwhile for comfort, you can keep your nasal tissues moist by using a little antibiotic ointment and applying it gently to the inside of your nose with a Q-tip.

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Reversal of Outfractured Inferior Nasal Turbinates

Hi Key,

You should eventually become acclimated to your excellent nasal airflow.  If not, the inferior nasal turbinates can be infractured, though I would recommend against it.  Good luck and be well.

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