I Will Be Flying 2 Days After my Nose Job. The Flight is 3 Hours Long, is This Safe?

Is it safe to take a short flight (3 hours) 2 days after a nose job? I have read that this can cause more swelling and possibly bleeding. Is there anything that can be done to minimise the risk?

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Travelling after rhinoplasty.

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Presuming that you are flying in a pressurized plane (any commercial airline), I think that you would be safe to fly presuming you do not have any other problems ahead of time.  You may want to consider taking a decongestant and your surgeon may also have you take a Medrol Dose Pack prior to air travel.

Cincinnati Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Flying after Rhinoplasty not advised

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I would not recommend flying until your swelling resolves inside your nose. That would take at least 2 weeks.. Flying involves pressure changes and you will have to clear your ears through your eustachian tubes, which if you have swelling, could interfere with clearing your ears and could cause you lots of pain and a potential for barotrauma.

I also think that if you have problems away from home, you will have to be treated by someone that is not your primary surgeon.

Jack Peterson, MD
Topeka Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty - flying post-rhinoplasty

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In general, I advise patients not to fly for about a week after surgery.  However, never forget that every person should be considered on an individual basis.  If you only are having a minimal amount of tip work done and don't have osteotomies, there may not be a lot of swelling or congestion.  However, after rhinoplasty with osteotomies, turbinate work, or if it is done open, you are likely to have a lot of swelling.  2-3 days post op is when you will have maximal swelling!  The pressurized air in the plane will also increase congestion and increase your discomfort.  You'd probably want to be close to your plastic surgeon for the first week in case you have any post-op issues.

Flying After Rhinoplasty

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Hi St,

What's your hurry?  I would not recommend a three hour flight for any of my rhinoplasty patients just two days after surgery.  For me, five days is the minimum before hitting the friendly skies.  I don't think that even a crow would fly two days after having a broken beak.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Flying after rhinoplasty

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I would not recommend flying 2-3 days aftera rhinoplasty.  You will most likely have alot of congestion and the air pressure may bother you as well.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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