Do I have a retruded maxilla? If yes, is there anything I could/should do about it? (photo)

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Lower third

Your pictures are not great, but it appears that the entire lower third of your face (maxilla and mandible) are retruded.  This could be corrected by a surgical procedure to advance this bones in one stage, or possible by orthodontics.  A filler such as Sculptra could increase the fullness (temporarily), without surgery, to see if you like the look.

Best of luck to you!

Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
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Retruded Maxilla

You do have a retruded maxilla which extends up to the infraorbital rims. Thus your entire midface is retruded. I would check with an orthodontist to determine if you have an associated occlusal problem that may benefit by being addressed along with orthognathic surgery. If not then you need to consider midface augmentation by custom implants to achieve an overall midface augmentation effect. 

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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