Had Otoplasty About Two Months Ago and my Left Ear Rebounded Way Too Much?

i had otoplasty two months ago as my ears stuck out alot, now my right ear is perfect but my left ear has rebound alot way too much, so now my right ear is really close to my head and perfect while my left ear is hanging out, not only that but i have strange sensations in left ear that feels as though someone is pulling on my ear while right one feels fine and normal, i am seeing the doctor in four days as he is away this week but i don't want to have to wait to get this fixed

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Left Ear Rebound

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You have developed recurrence of the prominence of the ear, which can occur for a number of reasons.  You will likely require a return to the operating room to correct the deformity.  It is not uncommon to have some abnormal sensations after the otoplasty procedure.  Hopefully the sensations will improve when the revision is performed.

Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Left Ear Relapse after Otoplasty

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This sounds like the sutures holding the ear cartilage back have become partially loosened, thus having some positional relapse of that ear. When you see your surgeon in a few days, this can be fixed by replacement of the loose sutures to get a better match to the opposite ear otoplasty result. 

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