Can Otoplasty Make my Ears Less Posteriorly Rotated So That They Get Closer to my Eyebrow Level? (photo)

My ears are rotated in the posterior direction, I know it could be related to some diseases but from the exams I've had it seems it's just an external feature. Anyway would it be possible for a surgeon to change their disposition? Make them less rotated backwards and maybe a little higher so that they reach the tail of my eyebrows? It seems this would be the ideal aesthetic position for an ear. Thanks in advance

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Ear position/rotation

There are all sorts of procedures that we as plastic surgeons can do. We can affect the amount of projection, we can create folds and even create a whole ear if needed. Your ears are fine. As a surgeon, I would not do anything to your ears. There is such a range of deformities, both congenital and acquired. Look at some ear deformities and be thankful for your ears. 

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