Absorbable Sutures Protrudes out of Skin After Otoplasty? (photo)

Otoplasty 26 days ago.Surgeon put absorbable sutures on cartilage and non absorbable on the skin(removed).One suture sticks out from the skin,probably came through the hole left from superficial sutures.Other sutures can be palpated through the skin,but they are not protruding.I have torn suture with tweezers just above the level of the skin, can't pull it out.Surgeon doesn't want to look,says let it be,will dissolve after 45 days.I'm worried it could got infected.Wait or not?Ointment?Hydrogen?

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Absorbable sutures are not all the same.

 Suture types in Otoplasty vary depending upon surgeon's preference and philosophy. The cartilage sutures are typically longer lasting sutures (and often permanent sutures). If you have an absorbable suture protruding, some dissolve faster or slower than others. Keeping the exposed suture clean and covered with an antibiotic ointment is recommended. Ask your surgeon if it is okay to use hydrogen peroxide to aid in dissolving the suture. 

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Suture protruding from incision after otoplasty

Dear Steve,

Listen to your surgeon. No need to worry, the suture will disappear or fall out. You can put a bit of antibiotic oinment over the area if you wish, but mind that chronic use may cause some skin irritation. 

Andres Gantous, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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