Is Invisible Arm Lift a good procedure?

I have been reading about the invisible arm lift procedure which eliminates the scar running from armpit to elbow by making a small incision below the armpit making it virtually unnoticeable. Liposuction is performed on the arm,and then the skin is tightened and suture it off underneath the armpit, eliminating the need for a huge incision. Is this a good procedure and which board certified plastic surgeons perform the invisible arm .lift in the Orlando FL area?

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Minimal Incision Brachioplasty

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The term invisible arm lift appears to describe a mini arm lift procedure augmented with liposuction of the upper arm. In recent years, it's become common for practitioners to take standard procedures and repackage them for marketing purposes. They hope that by renaming these procedures, they can give the appearance that they're offering something special.

Mini arm lift and liposuction are both procedures that can be utilized to manage aesthetic deformities of the upper arms. Their use is limited to patients who have relatively minor deformities. When patients have significant amounts of excess skin, procedures that utilize larger incisions are usually always indicated.

If you're concerned about excess upper arm skin, it's appropriate to consult a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in this area. This surgeon should be able to formulate a treatment plan that addresses your anatomic deformity and achieves your aesthetic goals.

Arm Lift?

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If it sounds too good to be true...well, you know the rest.   The basic principle for an arm lift is that you have to accept some degree of scar to achieve that much better form.  Please see a board certified PS to learn more about your options.

Invisible arm lift a good procedure?

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The procedure that you describe sounds like it would only work for a very select group of people with very little loose or hanging skin.  It sounds like the liposuction alone would give you a similar result.  For the vast majority of people who need an arm lift, this would not be the procedure to choose.  The traditional arm lift or, in some cases, a shorter scar version of this would give you an excellent arm contour.  This procedure sounds too good to be true.

Invisible arm lift

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Depending on how much skin you would like to be removed, this may be a good procedure.  If you have lost a massive amount of weight and have a lot of excessive skin from you elbow to your armpit then this is not the procedure for you.  Also, liposuction will remove only some fat, not skin.  If too much fat is removed then you will have more sagging skin in the area.  We are very limited to the amount of liposuction that can be done in the arms for that reason.  Have your surgeon show you pictures of patients that have had this procedure and see what you think.  Good luck

Michael Ian Rose, MD
Red Bank Plastic Surgeon

Invisible Arm Lift ?

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Thank you for your question.

If is sounds to good to be true, then it probably is. Unfortunately, minimal procedures tend to give minimal results. If there is significant excess skin on the arms, then it has to be removed for good long term results.

To be sure, see two or more board-certified plastic surgeons in your area for a full and complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have surgery.

I hope this helps.

Invisible arm lift

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I cannot speak specifically to the "Invisible Arm Lift" but I can tell you that I do a significant number of arm liposuctions as well as traditional arm lifts with the long scar. Very seldom do Infind someone that is significantly lifted with the short armpit scar.  Even less often are they satisfied with the result. Bottom line, every procedure is not for every patient. For years plastic surgeons have struggled to make the short incision work  and it only does for a select few.  I would focus in finding someone who does all manners of arm sculpting, no one procedure is right for everyone.  And if someone only does the one new way, it's a red flag.  If all you have is a hammer in your tool box then the whole world looks like a nail. 

Armlift arm reduction brachioplasty arm liposuction arm lift

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Hello ccbrbo, thank you for your question. This is a difficult question to answer without photos. It sounds like the “invisible” arm lift is typically a short scar arm lift or brachioplasty . Liposuction is usually performed in all arm lifts. The amount of excess arm skin and fat will determine the length of the incision that you will have. The more arm skin and fat, the longer the incision needs to be for a successful and acceptable result. I would seek a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in short arm lifts as well as long arm lifts. Please be sure your board certified plastic surgeon has performed both short and long arm lifts and is not just performing “invisible” arm lifts.

J. Timothy Katzen, M.D.

Is Invisible Arm Lift a good procedure

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This is ONLY good in very minor excess tissue. If you have significant fat and arm skin it will NOT work... 

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