Crease on Upper Lip After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty to reshape my nose about three months ago. Ever since then I have a deep crease on my upper lip every time I try to smile. I am not sure if a strut was placed to support my tip and I am unsure of what exactly was done to my nose. So I don't know what the cause of this crease as it was never there before. I am actually ashamed of smiling now. Is this crease due to swelling? Or will it be permanent due to the surgery?

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Crease on Upper Lip After Rhinoplasty?

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The post operative "creasing" of the upper lip in the horizontal plane occurs because of swelling in most cases. But if your rhinoplasty surgeon released the muscle connections from the septum and anterior nasal spine than the vertical muscle fibers contract in that vertical plane causing the horizontal creasing. Or it could be a combination of both reasons. It appears as if you had an open rhinoplasty thus this approach also has a higher occurrence of this creasing effect. In most cases there is improvement over a 3 month healing time but in some cases a filler or even very very low dosed BOTOX is needed. Best to consult with your surgeon. 

Crease after Rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your question, because I am not certain what was done during the Rhinoplasty it is hard to tell if the crease is a result of nasal surgery or if it is due to temporary swelling. My Suggestion to you is to return to your plastic surgeon , upon examining you, your surgeon will better be able to answer your question. Have a great day.

Upper lip crease

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I would recommend that you return to your surgeon to address your concerns.  Your result look nice and this crease should easly resolve over time.  If not, Botox would be a fix for this crease.  Hang in there and have discussion with your surgeon.

Crease along upper lip after rhinoplasty

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The crease is from muscle animation. It could be from swelling or release of muscle to prevent the tip from plunging.  Check with your doctor.

Crease on Smile after Rhinoplasty

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    I would ask your surgeon if you had release of a muscle at the base of your septum.   Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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