I had a lower body lift 1 week ago. My labia is swollen. Is this normal?

I had a lower bodylift and i ts my one week post op. And my labia is swollen , puffy, the other one is bigger than the other and gettin worried. Is this normal?

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Swollen labia after body lift

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This is dry common following your procedure, but if you are concerned you should discuss it with your surgeon. It is common for the area to be flatter in the morning and gets progressively more swollen throughout the day as gravity maintains fluid in that area. This may take several weeks to months to completely resolve.

Labia swollen?

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Labial swelling is pretty normal with body lift surgery and even tummy tucks. Sometimes a tight garment can make the swelling worse. Intermittent icing with cold iced water or frozen peas has helped my patients. Be sure to ask your plastic surgeon how you can treat this condition. Best, Dr. ALDO

Swollen labia post lower bodylift

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Yes, this is likely to be normal.  It is very common after lower lifts to have swelling in the labia.  Often the mons pubis will have liposuction during the operation and this causes swelling.  The other reason is that usually the mons and labia are lifted back up to their original position by the surgery - this temporarily can affect the blood and lymphatic flow through these tissues which causes swelling. 

The swelling should go away over a few weeks.  Firm compression garments may help but in some cases can make the labial swelling worse (usually the type that have a "cut-out" section at the front).  Sometimes trial and error is needed to find a garment that works best for you.

If your swelling is painful or not settling please consult your surgeon.

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Body Lift/Body Contouring

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I appreciate your question.

I would recommend that you discuss your concerns with your surgeon at this time.

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.

Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative plastic surgery.

Best of luck!

Dr. Schwartz

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


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