Can Oral Isotretinoin Increase Facial Hair in Women?

I am in my fourth week of isotretinoin treatment and think that the amount of facial hair I have has increased especially leading from my sideburns to my cheeks. The hair is blonde and not particularly noticable but I sm very worried that it could get worse or perist once I finish my treatment.

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Accutane can rarely increase facial hair

The only report of this in the literature is a case of a woman who took isotretinoin and it unmasked an underlying PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), which included features of increased facial hair and insulin resistance.  Her symptoms resolved after finishing the isotretinoin. You should report this to your dermatologist and/or obgyn in the event that you have such a hormonal issues causing the hair growth. In the meantime, be careful not to wax or use extreme measures to remove the hair while on isotretinoin, because it may result in  scarring or skin discoloration. Also, your dermatologist can prescribe you a topical medicine called Vaniqa to help shrink the hairs until you finish the Accutane.

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