1 week post op, droopy and bulbous nose tip is still uneven and slanted. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had open tip rhinoplasty due to droopy and bulbous nose tip , it's been 1week ago although it's early my swelling had went down tremendously but I see no improvement on the uneven and crookedness correcting itself , should I be concerned ??? I see plenty tip plasty that did not come out uneven like this ???

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Postop deformity after nose surgery

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Sorry. Give it 6 months. If it is still deformed, you are not far from me. The rhinoplasty results on this page are my personal work.
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Having a judgment without having all the elements ( as a previous photo) it's a mistake. So it's difficult to answer your question. Also as a plastic surgeon I have seen a lot of rare and not so funny changes in normal anatomy just because edema (inflammation). Edema influentials the tissue specially in rhinoplasty for even 6 months. But if you think it is not normal, you should always go back to your surgeon and ask him, but the answer you may receive its...wait until edema decreases 

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