Open Rhinoplasty Recovery - Can I Attend a Wedding 1 Month Post-op?

I am supposed to attend a celebrity wedding a month after having rhinoplasty. Since both my bones and cartilage will go through re-shaping, I'm worried about how presentable I will look for the occasion. What are the approximate/objective results I can expect one month post-op?

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You should be wedding photo ready one month post Rhinoplasty

In the hands of a skilled surgeon you should be more then presentable one month post open rhinoplasty. The incision on the columella should be well healed and easily concealed. You will have some minimal residual swelling that most likely will not be noticeable to anybody but yourself. Prior to surgery make sure you stay off of aspirin and aspirin containing products, herbs, and any other blood thinners to avoid any excessive bruising. In the post operative phase avoid a high sodium diet and sleep with a few pillows behind your head to elevate yourself and reduce swelling. Wishing you the best!

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Yes. You wil be ready for wedding in 1 month

Yes. One month is adequate for the initial phase of healing to have you ready for a wedding. Remember to ice the nasal bridge and forehead to reduce swelling. Dr. G

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Ms. Haner,

One month after surgery should not be problem for looking presentable.  There will still be some swelling that probable only you, your surgeon and one close to you would recognize.

Have Fun

Dr. ES

Open Rhinoplasty Recovery

You should be presentable one month after your rhinoplasty. Some swelling will be present, especially in the tip, but this will not be obvious to others. It  will take several months to achieve the final definition and refinement.

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You should look great one month after a well-performed open rhinoplasty.

My patients are on unrestricted activity 3 weeks after Rhinoplasty Surgery, and there is typically very little swelling remaining 3 weeks post-op. I counsel my patients that 90% of rhinoplasty swelling is gone 3 weeks post-op; the remaining 10% of swelling may take up to a year to completely resolve. All the best from NJ

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You will look normal 1 month after open rhinoplasty.

Of course this assumes that your surgeon is experienced and does natural looking noses. The swelling won't be totally gone for 6-12 months.

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Open tip rhinoplasty recovery

At one month, it is very likely that all bruising will be gone. However, I may differ from my colleagues in stating that your tip is likeley to still exhibit some swelling. To give you an idea, we typically wait at least 6 months before taking post-operative photos in order to display the long term result.

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How would your nose look like one month after open rhinoplasty

Hi Victoria,

You can attend that wedding without any major problems. Any possible bruising can be improved by keeping the head of bed elevated, using Arnica, oral supplements such as pine apple extract and vitamin C. You can also apply makeup and cover up over any areas of minimal bruising. There will be some remain gin swelling that should resolve over the following year.

Have fun and I hope this helped.

Dr Sajjadian

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What will you look like one month after open Rhinoplasty?

One month after open rhinoplasty you should be ok to attend a wedding. You may require some cover up makeup for any residual bruising. Have fun! Best regards Dr D

Louis M. DeJoseph, MD
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Look one month after open rhinoplasty

You should look very presentable at one month after open rhinoplasty.  A little make up and there should be no problem attending a wedding.

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