How could I fix my underbite without undergoing jaw surgery? (photos)

I was always told I would likely need jaw surgery however when I turned 18 every specialist I saw told me to avoid surgery as my bite was boarder line and not worth the risks etc... this is something that really bothers me. you can see from the photos when I smile my bottom teeth are over lapping my top. Please somebody help with regards to what I can do to correct this? I'm absolutely desperate now. I don't want jaw surgery and I've already had braces on the top, would veneers be an option?

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Jaw surgery

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yes, u r a border line case. its my advice to visit orthodontist and discuss yr concern. as i can see yr retrocline lower teeth. so IPR in lower arch with classIII elastic will correct yr occlusion. 


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Your bite is not a tooth issue, you have a protruded lower arch and a protruded chin.  It is a skeletal jaw issue, your jaw would need to be reset back i.e surgery. 

Veneers or braces will fix the estthics of your case, straighten the teeth and fix the bite and occlusion but your jaw is still protruded. Consult with an oral surgeon to discuss how the surgery is done. Another option is to place Onlays on the posterior teeth, open the bite and improve the relation between upper and lower jaw without surgery. 

Jaw surgery to correct a bite

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Your bite is not a tooth issue.  It is a skeletal jaw issue. If it bothers you, you need to consider jaw surgery. Veneers will not correct your problem.  Consult with an oral surgeon to discuss how the surgery is done. 

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