What are the different types of temporary veneers that can be used ?

Is there only the one-piece molded type?

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Options for temporary #veneers #DrSoftTouch

While there are other options for temporaries, the best option is the single piece. Placing each temporary veneer individually is very time consuming, and they have a high probability of coming off prematurely. Don't worry, the fact that your temporaries are connected will not affect the esthetics. Good luck and I hope this helps.  You can follow me on RealSelf if you have more questions.

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If the doctor, its qualified on aesthetics, and has done many cases of makeovers, 
they do not need temporary veneers, no sense to make them individuals.
the preparation is done after a smile design,and a good procedure, 
meanwhile you will have temporaries done from acrylic , which will last only some days, 
and the definitive ones made out of porcelain, will be set just a few days after, or even the same day, depending on the technique and materials.

Veneer temporaries

Great question! So many of the patients we see for smile makeovers and porcelain veneers are always concerned about the temporaries--both how they'll look and how comfortable they will be.
The veneer process is a multi-visit procedure and does take some planning. Part of this is designing a smile on a model in wax first to both try in and use as a template for temporaries. Once the teeth are prepared and recontoured for veneers, this wax model can be used to make great looking temporaries. In fact, one or two cases in our before/after smile gallery are just temporaries.
The nature of how this works means that the temporaries will all be connected. This helps with retention to prevent them from breaking off. The aesthetics are not affected and always look amazing. Patients are usually so pleased with temporaries and they look very close to what the final veneers will look like. The downside is that flossing is not possible however you are only in temporaries for a very short period of time. The final veneers are all separate units.
Best of luck and follow us for more information!

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A few options for temporary dental veneers

While there ARE options, the BEST is the single piece choice.  This allows a "road test" of the proposed design (which is why WE call them prototypes and not temporaries).  The other choices have many downsides, including time INTENSIVE (can be VERY time consuming), high probability of coming off, difficult to remove to place final restorations (in hopes of NOT coming off, the individual option is bonded in place.  This can make the final restorations more likely to come off), as well as not being shaped EXACTLY like the final restorations.  Without seeing what the finals will look like, you may be surprised on the final appointment with the result, maybe even disappointed.

So, YES, there are other options, but I wouldn't suggest any of the others.

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Types of Temporary Veneers

Most temporary veneers will be made of a high quality acrylic.  There are several different brands names that come in a variety of colors that you can select from.  Yes the veneers are normally made in one piece if multiple veneers are being made.  This greatly lessens the probability of a temporary veneer coming off while waiting for the final restorations.  Individual temporaries are much more likely to come off.  The most important function of the temporaries besides protecting the teeth is giving you a chance to get used to the changes in color, shape, etc. that you are trying to achieve with the smile changes.  It is critical that the temporaries get as close as possible to the final smile you desire so you have a chance to have input, get feedback from friends and family, etc. 

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