Fix a endotine cheek lift?

I had a endotine cheek "lift" 3 years ago with neck lipo. Unfortunately, all it did was give me big cheeks and sagging jowls, and numbness on my upper lip and also there is still a lump on one side of my head. I am planning a facelift this summer and hope that this will help to give me back my natural small heart shaped face. Do you think this is the correct thing to do?

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Endotine is generally poor choice for facial Rejuvenation.

Since you're planning a facelift in the future this will be a good time to remove the endotine Which probably should not have been placed in the first place.

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Endotine fixation and correction

Hello and thanks for your question.
Endotine may need to be removed, re-fixed in position or sutures be used to correct the lift.
An exam would be needed to give specific answer. you may need fat transfer, filler or face lift depending on what bothers you.
Best wishes,
Dr sajjadian

Ali Sajjadian, MD, FACS
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Without an evaualtion in person and full discussion with you, there is no way to advise you. Just because a procedure CAN be dome or MAY help, does not mean it will. Your expectations are the most critical piece of information that need to be clear. Only then can we start to evaluate if and what method there may be to reach your goal.

Robert H. Hunsaker, MD
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Endotine and a face lift

Thank you for your face lift question.
  • I am sorry although not surprised about your disappointing result with Endotine.
  • Your plan sounds reasonable but you must discuss this with the plastic surgeon you choose who has to deal with the implant.
  • Endotine is supposed to absorb - the lump on one side of your head may be from scarring or granuloma, not the Endotine itself. It may not be possible to safely remove it - but your surgeon will know once s/he examines you. Best wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Facelift after endotine cheek lift

Facelift is definitely the right procedure to achieve the results you are looking for.  Endotines would likely need to be removed during the facelift, which might reverse some of their side effects.

Best of luck!
Dr. Konstantin

Konstantin Vasyukevich, MD
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Fix a endotine cheek lift?

Following advice from a surgeon on this or any other website who proposes to tell you exactly what to do without seeing photos and without examining you, physically feeling your tissue, assessing your desired outcome, taking a full medical history and discussing the pros and cons of the operative procedure would not be in your best interest. Natural appearing results need to be individualized and what is appropriate for one patient is not necessarily the best for someone else. I would suggest that you find a surgeon with extensive rhinoplasty experience certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and one who is ideally a member of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) that you trust and are comfortable with. You should discuss your concerns with that surgeon in person.

Robert Singer, M.D., FACS

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Robert Singer, MD
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Facelift After Device-Based Cheek Lift

A facelift will certainly improve your neck and jawline. The cheeks may or may not be improved based on what your cheek problem/anatomy is now. This may require some form of a cheek lift as part of the overall facelift plan. Pictures would be needed to provide a more informed answer.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Endotine lift disappointment

No photograph is submitted. It sounds as though you realize that you should have had a facelift in the first instance. Now you have to deal with scars as well as aging and distorted anatomy. Sometimes it is difficult to return to a relatively normal appearance in dealing with these minimally invasive procedures which frequently fall short of the goal. I agree with the other surgeon in that you need at least two opinions from respectable plastic surgeons.

Richard O. Gregory, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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Unfortunately, the minimally invasive procedures sometimes do not result in complementing outcome and can be the wrong fix.  It sounds like the facelift is what you need but one cannot say that without good pictures or consultation.  You should get couple of consultations to hear some perspectives.

N. Bill Aydin, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon
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Correcting a midface (endotine) cheek lift

The endotine mid face lift device usually gives good reliable results, so I'm sorry to hear about your problem.  The mid face can be a tricky area.  I agree that a traditional facelift (rhytidectomy) would be a wise direction in which to proceed, but I would have to examine your face to be completely confident with that answer.  Be sure to tell your consulting surgeon about your prior experience so that they know exactly what was done- this will allow them to adequately plan and prepare for your surgery and eliminate any surprises during the procedure.  Any remaining portion of the endotine would likely need to be removed so that it is not affecting the ultimate results.

Christopher R. Hove, MD
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