Will Nostrils Even out Eventually After Rhinoplasty?

After 6 weeks, the nostrils shape and location, size isn't going to change? The high one is small but high (as if I smelled something bad) The one on the left is slow and large.

Is this how my nostrils will be? Or will the location/shape of the nostrils change and be balanced in the next few months?

I feel I look deformed, the two sides of my face do NOT look the same. And even the front you can see one low and one high nostril, I look like a deformed pig. Is this going to change in the next few months or not?

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Options for correcting nostril asymmetry (uneveness)

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There are multiple different issues with your nose some of which may resolve and some of which may not.

The 'pig' like appearance you describe will likely diminish as the swelling settles. This is very common after rhinoplasty.

When it comes to the tip assymetry, it is difficult to say from the pictures but in addition to the uneveness of the nostril, it appears that your columella is deviated (kinked) which may also contribute to the curent appearance. This is not likely to change. Correcting this may result in improvement in the asymmetry of the nostrils and, in my opinion, this is a first step. Once this support is established, your surgeon may then be better able to determine if any additional steps are necessary such as alar rim composite grafts, dome plication, tip grafts, lateral crural grafts, etc .

It is important to understand that this is only my impression and it is likely that other physicians may have different thoughts on how to manage the nose if at all.

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Nostril Asymmetry

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As I've said many times, be patient after rhinoplasty surgery. I feel your nose will improve. Continue to observe for several months.

However, looking at the base of your nose (from below), it appears your septum and columella (the structure between the nostrils) are deviated. If skin incisions have been made at the base of the nose, this could also cause a difference in the contour and thickness of the nostrils. Revision surgery may be necessary.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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