Purple, Ice Cold Nose After Nose Tip Revision

It has been 7 weeks after my nose tip revision my nose feels ice cold sometimes, and is purple. I also have a permanent tingling sensation. Should I be worry about this?

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Revision Rhinoplasty: Changes to the Tip Skin

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Following rhinoplasty, the skin of the tip of the nose often experiences some unusual sensations. Many patients report that the nose feels numb for several months afterwards, particularly if an open approach was used. This is because the nerves that supply sensation to that region of the nose are disrupted. The blood supply can also be disrupted and the nose often will feel cool. Changes in coloration may be a result of impaired blood flow to the region. Fortunately, these "changes" to the tip skin often resolve with time.

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Contact your surgeon for advice

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Have you seen your surgeon? You should schedule a follow up visit and ask these excellent questions. It is very common to experience numbness and a cool sensation in the tip of the nose but it is difficult to say if the ":purple" color is normal without an examination

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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